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Pickups & Trucks, Utility & Farm Equipment Guthrie OK

Tractors, Cattle, Horse & Car Trailers, Hay Equipment, Pickups & Trucks, Utility & Farm Equipment Guthrie OK
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Began: 06/21/18 at 9:00 AM CDT
Location: 910 S Division, United States, Guthrie, OK 73044


Lot# 1358-Gehl 135 mixer grinder, 4 screens, good rubber, central city scales.

Lot#1359-1949 Ford F-6 Truck, 32,995 miles, 13ft. bed and hoist with wooden floor. 8.25-20 tires, will run, title.

Lot# 1360- Van Brunt 9ft. Antique drill, single disk, iron wheels, fertilizer box, iron press wheels.

Lot# 1361-500 gallon Belton spray trailer, model LCS, with top and works. Vin# 3436.

Lot#1362- M-W Grain Cart, 300 bushel, Model 300CA-131, 540 PTO, rear discharge.

Lot#1363- UFT Gravity wagon 4-wheel trailer, side discharge, Model 820, 8 ton.

Lot#1364- Grain Cart, tandem axle, rear auger, hyd.  driven, 250-300 bushel.

Lot#1365- Bush Hog 15ft.,  bat wing mower, 540 PTO, large gear boxes.

Lot# 1366- Gravity flow 4-wheel grain cart, side discharge, 165 bushel, good tires, 10 ton.

Lot# 1367- Knight Pro-Twin slinger 8018, VIN#1254, two  augers ,  good shape.

Lot#1368, Priefert horse walkers, complete with outside panels.

Lot# 1369 4-ton self feeder, two wheels gone, not rusted.

Lot#1370- Buhler Farm King 3-point 10’ blade, with hydraulic adjustable blade up/down and angle.

Lot#1371- 5 round bale gooseneck trailer, individual dump, tandem axle, nice shape.

Lot#1372- Gooseneck double round bale trailer, 12 bale, tandem dual wheels, hyd unloading.

Lot# 932- John Deere manure spreader, tire driven, fiber glass floor.

Lot # 811- 10’ Lely Spendimo disc mower, Model 320L, new knives, great shape, 540 PTO.

Lot # 937- 2002 Legend Horse Trailer, with dressing room, 7000# axles, good tires, rubber floor.

Lot# 935- Cake Feeder, 1000 pounds.

Lot# 809- AC/DC arc welder.

Lot # 928- Magna Force air compressor, 6-1/2 hp.

Lot# 801- Tradesmen Drill Press, 17”, 16 speed.

Lot# 808- 3930 Ford tractor with loader and bucket

Lot# 925- Rhino 6’ mower, 3-point, excellent.

Lot#924- Hay spike & tractor hitch.

Lot# 943- Onan Welder on trailer with leads.

Lot# 944- New Holland 300 Manure Spreader, 540 PTO driven, decking floor.

Lot# 945- 3-point Box Blade, 6’.

Lot# 1373- 2016 New Holland Model BR 760, Round Baler, 540 PTO, twine only, 4×6 bale with monitor, 140 bales, excellent shape, VIN# YDN179758.

Lot# 1374- Anhydrous Trailer, with adjustable axles.

Lot# 1375- Wako Anhydrous Applicator with manifold, 36’, has two wheels missing.

Lot# 1376- John Deere 535 Round Baler, monitor, twine only, VIN# E00535X97282.

Lot# 1379- Komatsu Utility Track Backhoe, model # PC27MR/2, runs, VIN# KMTPC120K05015852.

Lot# 1380- 8’ 3-point Disc, with 19” disc, good shape.

Lot# 1381- 3-point Gopher Ripper, with front disc.

Lot# 1384- Jacobsen 3-point 6-1/2’ Aerator, VIN# 82592-1828

Lot# 1385- 3-point Box blade with steel roller.

Lot# 1394- Propane Tank

Lot# 1395- Propane Tank

Lot# 1397- Terragator, tires & axle.

Lot# 1398- 2004 Chevrolet 3500 Dura Max Diesel pickup, 4-door, with 8-1/2’ bed and sideboards, dual wheels, auto, doesn’t run, fuel pump out, VIN# 1GBJC33294F220030.

Lot# 1399- 1972 Chevrolet Super 20 V-8 400, Custom Camper pickup, auto, air, 50905 miles, VIN# CCE2425149079.

Lot# 803- RSC Motor cross Motorcycle, model KMX/200, 30 miles, 200 cc, no title.

Lot# 949- UHRAMATIC 4 head Embroidery Machine with controller.

Lot # 1400- 2005 Freightliner, Mercedes Benz motor, Eaton Fuller 10-speed, 276 wheel base, 421595 miles, half brakes, twin screw, 11R225 tires, good, 2, 80 gallon fuel tanks, VIN# 1FUJC5CY85HYL2834.

Lot# 922- Pro- Pull 2006 30’x102” Gooseneck Trailer, tandem axle, dual wheels, 238/85R16, no title, heavy duty, SN# 109UT30286L607010.

Lot# 923- 1000 gallon Poly Tank, upright.

Lot# 929- 1000 gallon Poly tank on skid.

Lot# 919- Vermeer DISCPRO, Model MC1030, VIN# VR322E881000495.

Lot # 913- New Holland BR7070 Round Baler, 8000 bales, 4×6, new belts in 2016, wrap and twine, with monitor, nice shape, VIN# Y7N034059.

Lot# 920- Gehl Skid Steer,  Model 6635 SXT, 4183 hrs, runs.

Lot# 918- Bob Cat 5600 4×4 ATV, quick attachment on front, diesel, dumping bed, runs, SN#520511071.

Lot# 914- Crustbuster 40’ Hoe Drill, VIN#V3897.

Lot # 905- Crawlers Industry IND, ex Military Jeep, 6×6, 824 miles, SN# CG0870R003.

Lot# 936- Brush Guard off a 2014 Dodge.

Lot# 931, Pull type grass catcher.

Lot # 911- Ferris IS 3000 mower, 61”, 25 HP, runs, VIN# 1S3002FKAZ2561.

Lot# 940- Farrow Cage

Lot # 938- 110 gallon Transfer Fuel tank, with tool box.

Lot # 941- Ranch King Cattle Chute.

Lot# 942- 2006 New Holland TS-115A, FWD Tractor, 18.4/34 tires, excellent, 540 PTO, 3 hyd. 3-point, VIN#ACP261920PEC7BX283955.

Lot# 930- Pfeiffer Portable Cattle Chute, new tires.

Lot# 912- Hay Ring Feeder

Lot# 946- 2006 John Deere 6420 FWD, Tractor with a 673 loader and bucket, hay spike, 18.4/34 tires, 540 Pto, 3-point. 3 hydraulics, 7158 hrs, SN#L06420H503761.

Lot# 550- Rhino 525S Loader, 72” bucket, new, fits New Holland tractor, quick attach, VIN# 1010006.

Lot#554- PJ Trailer, 520 car trailer, 20’, 3500# axles, wooden floor, slide out ramp, spare tire new, no title.

Lot# 939- 1990 GMC Suburban, 4×4, 244277 miles, 35x1250R 15LT tires, runs, VIN# 1GKEV16KZLF528974.

Lot# 933- Bermuda King 4-wheel sprig wagon.

Lot# 916- 3-point Hay pallet.

Lot# 807- 6×6 Trailer with jacks on all four corners, old light trailer, no title.

Lot# 917- 1989 W&W Stock Trailer, half top. 32’, 750x16l tires, 3 axles, rubber floor, VIN# 11W453230KW161390.

Lot# 915- Deggelman R570S Rock Picker, 540 PTO, needs tire, VIN# 11056.

Lot # 547- Miller 9’ Off set Disc, 18” disc, SN# 106086.

Lot# 545- Muta Appier Stainless Steel Fertilizer Spreader, VIN# 116715.

Lot# 548- 21’ Rotary Hoe, 3421-1365.

Lot# 934- 9’ Pull type Aerator.

Lot # 924- 9-1/2’ Harrow.

Lot# 549- 28’ Spring tooth, swing around fold.

Lot# 543- 500 Gallon fuel tank on stand.

Lot#773- 1000’ of 3 rail fencing, vinyl white.

Lot# 800- 4-9’ Decorative Entrance Gates

Lot#810- Pick up bed camper on trailer, no title.

Lot #149- 1970  Kayiser US Postal Jeep, doesn’t run, bill of sale only, VIN#8513-15591.

Lot#148- Hydraulic Cattle Chute, auxiliary powered.

Lot# 147- New Rock Bucket for skid steer.

Lot# 146- New Rock Bucket for skid steer.

Lot # 150- 500 gallon Poly Tank

Lot# 293- Service Bed, off 2016 Ford F-350.

Lot#817- EZ- Kleen Heated Power Washer, doesn’t run.

Lot# 1383- Hay Spike fits on Skid Steer.

Lot# 1386- Hay King 3-point bale spike with hydraulic.

Lot# 1389- 6 Horse Fence Hay Feeders

Lot# 1387- Air compressor, 11 hp, 30 gallon, working when last used.

Lot# 1390- 2 Turkey Feeders, stainless steel.

Lot #1388- 2- Deer/Goat Feeders, 1 tons.

Lot# 1391- Tree Spade for Skid steer

Lot# 1392-Flat Bed 11’, came off 2013 Dodge 5500 pickup

Lot # 1393- Trail King 2003 50 ton RGN with winch, hydraulic dove tail, 275/70R22.5 tires, excellent rubber. VIN#TK70DGHT-502, has title, good trailer.

Lot# 950- 2011 Chevrolet 3500 HD Pickup with flat bed, running boards, Duramax 6.6 HD, Allison transmission, 129007 miles, tires LT 235/80R17, VIN# 1GB4KZCL8BF148858, runs.

Lot# 948- Wile 500 gallon sprayer, pull behind, 540 PTO pump, with hand wand, boom buster tips, nice shape.

Lot# 804- 2003 New Holland FWD Tractor, TS-110A, 18.4/34 tires, excellent rubber,  Westendorf TA-26 loader & bucket,  540 PTO, 2 hyd, 3-point, 3475 hrs, VIN#1547562-618135.

Lot# 805- Cub Cadet Commercial Walk Behind Mower, 5-speed, Kawasaki motor, 36” deck, runs.

Lot# 806- Honda Walk Behind 21” mower, electric start, grass bag.

Lot# 546- Scotsman Ice Maker, excellent, VIN# CU1526SA1A.

Lot# 902- Cistern Pump, 30 Gpm, ½ hp, 115 volt.

Lot # 903- Cistern Pump, 30 Gpm, ½ hp, 115 volt.

Lot# 901- 2006 Club Car 4×4 ATV, bed dumps, 2302 hrs, VIN”# CC1-102884401.

Lot# 904- 120 gallon L shape transfer tank with pump.

Lot# 947- Hog Feeder

Lot # 921- 30” buzz saw, belt driven.

Lot#908- Hay Spike

Lot# 907- 45” Buzz Saw, blade broken

Lot# 909- Brush Guard fits on New Holland Tractor.

Lot 906- Toro Workmen 3200 ATV, 1913 hrs, hyd bed dump

Lot # 910- Bale Spike, elec/hyd fits on gooseneck ball, like new.

Misc items; 17’x48” swimming pool, transmission jack, tools, air compressor, chain saws, other items too numerous to mention.

Terms/Conditions:  Cash, Approved Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Disclaimer: All information has been taken from sources believed reliable; however, no guarantee is being made on either the real estate or personal property by the auction company or the seller. Buyers should satisfy themselves as any inspections prior to bidding. Any announcements made the day of the auction supersede all advertising.

We at Lippard Auctions are very pleased to offer this nice line of equipment. Something for everyone, all items have been well kept. Loader will be available day of sale after that contact Rodney.

For more information call Rodney Timm 580-548-6652

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2003 New Holland FWD Tractor Crawlers Industry IND 2006 John Deere 6420 FWD

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