Great Opportunities at Upcoming Auctions!

We have some fantastic auctions coming up in the next couple of months  that are worth checking out! Here are just a couple (note that some have online bidding available):


On July 24th, we’ve got a land auction in the Piedmont-Okarche area in Canadian County,

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Oklahoma Farms for Sale: You Can Still Light Out for the Territories

Within the soul of many Americans the urge to go west burns. Renouncing the stressful bustle of the east to make one’s own life is in our blood. Our ancestors took charge of their own lives and made their way west to Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska. They dreamt of building their own farms and living a life off the land.

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Land Auctions: The New Real Estate Market

Land Auctions - OklahomaLand auctions are becoming a popular way to sell real estate in the US. The housing market has made it increasingly difficult to sell a home. As a result, land auctions have been springing up as a way for potential home owners to invest in an affordable land purchase.

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